2006 Ford Explorer Transmission Problems


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How to check the transmission fluid on a 2006 Ford Surveyor?
    When I drive I’ve noticed a conundrum. When I come to a complete stop, then press the gas, it jumps. It seems like when I press the gas pedal, it’s in nuetral or something, then finally jumps into initially gear, which makes the car jump.
    Also, my dirveway, well the part of my driveway where I park my car, is kind of a gravel/dirt/sand mix. I noticed, when I came home yesterday, that there was a wet spot under where my car’s engine parks. Because of the ground, the gravel/dirt/sand, I could not tell whether it was water or oil or what. But because my car has been skipping, trying to get into initially gear, I assumed it was transmission fluid.
    But, I don’t know how to check to see if I’m low on transmission fluid, or how to check if the transmission fluid is leaking or what else to check for.
    I reckon on older cars, there is a dip stick, sort of like there is for the oil. But I don’t reckon my car, 2006 Ford Surveyor, has that.
    If someone could please help me, I would really appreciate it. I know that work on a transmission can be very expensive. And I know that mechanics will take advantage of someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. So even if it sounds like a conundrum that I can not fix on my own, please give me enough info in your answer where I can at least sound like I know a small bit of what I’m talking about if I must take it to a shop.
    Thank you so much in advance!

    P.S. I tried to see if it was an “XLT” or anything special. All the back of the car says is, “AdvanceTrac RSC”

    • mdk68gto, ase certified m tech says:

      it is not a sealed trans. if you cannot find a dipstick, then look at the trans pan. there should be two bolts on it. the lower one is for a drain so that is not the one that you want. the other one is where you check the fluid. with the engine running and at full operating temp, pull that one out. if it dribbles, it is full. if not, you have to find a way to pump fluid into that area. if it is the type that only has one bolt, the inner one is what you want to pull and the outer one is the drain.

  2. The M.R. part 2 says:

    Could it be there’s a conundrum with an automatic transmission on a Ford Surveyor when,,,,,?
    the the vehicle doesn’t switch gears even with reaching particular RPM’S and MPH?

    Yesterday my girlfriend and, I went to look for a vehicle for her at a used car dealership. We came across a 2006 Ford Surveyor. When we test drove it, we exposed the vehicle would not switch gears when it reached high RPM’s and, all it would do was make the same noise as it would do when it would idle high.

    I told her I thought it was a conundrum with the transmission and, we shouldn’t but it until at least the dealership corrected the conundrum. The salesman told her it was because the truck had off road type of tires on it but; I wasn’t buying it because I currently own a 2002 two door surveyor with the same tires on it and, I have never had any problems with it. She also seems to fail to see the real conundrum considering the only thing she complains about is the high idle noise (which is normal when any vehicle’s rpm’s go high enough without gears being shifted) and, not the fact the truck is not switching gears like it should once it reaches a particular number of rpm’s.

    anyhow, my girlfriend talked to the head salesman today and, he told her that he place it through the maintenance shop and, gave her the same song and, dance about the reason why it does what it does is because of the tires. I’m not buying it but, she is persistent about getting the truck.

    My overall question is, could I be right in thinking the transmission on that truck is terrible?
    Yup, I tried carpet it and, it would not go past the initially gear. All I know as far as the motor, is it’s a V6.

    • BlueDog says:

      The tire thing is BS, the sales person is just taking whatever he can out of his a@@ to make a sale.

      What drivetrain does the Surveyor have, 4.0L or 4.6L?

      So if you floor the thing, it wont shift, just sit there and redline?

      I would go to a different dealer. If you ever had a conundrum, sounds like they would just shift the blame to something else, like they did with the tire BS. There are millions of these Explorers, get one thats runs fantastic and needs not anything.

      P.S. I would strongly recommend the 4.6L V8 Surveyor, both motor and transmision are alot tougher than a V6 drivetrain, well value the 1-2 MPG loss you get.

  3. ljo8657 says:

    Have a 2006 Ford Surveyor. Having issues with a jerking even as stopping and taking off. Anyone else?
    Recently had at dealer for renovate. When I picked it up, they tightened bolts on drive train. NOT the conundrum. It is back at dealer now. Anyone know of transmission problems with o6′s and 07′s?

    • chillypowder says:

      I’ve had more than a few of these problems at my shop, most of the time a PCM/ TCM reprogram will fix conundrum but the TCM keep alive reminiscence must be vacant and an adaptive shift strategy must be performed correctly or the conundrum will reoccur because the previous parameters will subdue be stored in the TCM (trans hegemony module). But if this doesn’t fix the conundrum than i’ve had about 4 that have looked-for a mechatronic assy. There are no technical service bullitans for this course of action yet, but if your dealer contacts ford’s hotline they will tell them to replace this part, which is like a valve body but it also includes the TCM, it is a honestly intricate course of action but your community dealer should be well equipped to hanle it. I’m honestly sur this is the conundrum because i’ve probably had to deal with about 20 explorers with the exact same issue. hope it helps.

  4. David says:

    looking to buy a 1996 Ford Surveyor?
    I am interested in buying someones 1996 ford Surveyor it has a 4.6 engine and only 114,000 miles on it. the body is solid it has been stored in a climate controlled unit since 2006 the guy inherited his sisters storage units. He has taken it out of storage and drove it nearly it runs fantastic no leaks or anything, the only conundrum he says it has is the transmission slips from 1st to 2nd gear and that is all, Could it be because the fluid needs changed along with the Filter or is it something more? only serious inquiries sought after no BS answers you will be flagged

    • Anonymous says:

      1996 Explorers have a reputation for performance and reliability issues,many of which were resolved in the 1997 model. Also, I would surely have this vehicle looked at by at least two mechanics, and if they have any doubts, I would stay away from this vehicle. If I were in the market for such a car, I would do a search on cars.com of autotrader.com for other vehicles in your area. you could probably find many others with low milage for nearly the same price. Finally, make sure it has been taken in for service for the recalls that have been issued for ’96 Explorers, as it may not have been being garage kept for so long. Overall, I would be extremely cautious if I were purchasing a vehicle with known issues.

  5. Willie M says:

    How should I invest my money? Down Payment on a house, Buy Car or Pay off Credit card?
    I make $42,000/year and I have a cred card with 9K on it which I pay $150.00 towards every month. I am currently thinking about purchasing a house for nearly $100K. I have also noticed that my current vehicle has problems every so often [140,000 miles Ford Surveyor bought used in 2006 for 3,500+2,000 Transmission replacement], and this has mandatory me into thinking about purchasing a new or used car. I have listed my assets below:

    $5500 in savings
    $2200 in IRA
    $10,000 in 401K

    What should my plot of action be?
    My credit card limit is NOT 10K. I have nearly 30K available and my cred score is higher than 750.
    My car really has 240,000 miles on it. I made a typo in my initial statement.

    • Alex says:

      Wait to buy the house until you have less debt, 8 month’s expenses in savings as an emergency fund plus the down payment for the house. Right now, I’m not sure if you should focus on paying down the cc debt or saving for a car – I reckon it all depends on the disorder of your current car. 240,000 miles is a lot! I would talk to your mechanic about what s/he thinks it will need in the next year and how much it will cost. I would also start researching the value of your car and dialogue box shopping for a further one to figure out where you stand. Even as you’re doing that, place every dollar you can either in savings toward a further car or toward paying down the credit card debt – $9K is a lot. You might also want to check out Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman or some other well-known finance guru.

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