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Question by KManRulz2010: Ford Edge?
My Mom and I are thinking about getting the 2008 Ford Edge. I am About 6 foot three and loved the amount of area in the edge compared to the surveyor and escape. We are organizing on traveling a lot and also would like to know if we must get the ford nav or aftermarket. Does any person have any testimonials on the edge or yet another vehicle that might be better.

I have usually been a ford fan and we recieve the Z-plot on all new models of ford.

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Answer by gearbox
The Ford nav is awesome but is comparable to the units such as Tom Tom and other people with updates completed by discs that expense $ 200 but.. the other units are cheaper to update but invite theft a lot much more than the Ford in-dash unit

But I’ve exposed it to be quite precise as soon as loaded up and set up

The edge I haven’t been in a position to genuinely drive too copious as they aren’t breaking down so that’s a real good sign:-)

But another issue perhaps the Taurus X for fuel mileage but is far more of a car than the Edge

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  1. Scott M says:

    I’ve permanently been a fan of having it built in correctly up front very than have someone go in and slaughter up the wiring trying to add an with market device.

    I would recommend buying The Nav and Sync already installed.

    Have you looked at the Tuarus Limited? A bit larger for the longer trips. Less tedious… Rear seats fold down for trunk access.

  2. 144289 says:

    Better off with Grand Marquis

  3. atvman_400 says:

    Get the Ford Nav. It is already integrated into the car and you won’t have some kid hacking it up installing an aftermarket one. I have only used one Ford nav system and it seemed to work as excellent as any Chrysler or GM system.

    PS, the Edge is a fantastic car/suv (whatever you want to call it…lol) I had one as a rental once and I liked it.

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