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2010 Ford Escape

The 2010 Ford Escape is a versatile vehicle that does well in cities, as well as off-road situations. Ford surely knows what consumers want in a mid-size SUV and the Escape exemplifies that fact. With three different trim post, there is fantastic diversity for consumers to select. All models are honestly priced and come with either front or all wheel drive. The updated styling makes it a vastly desirable vehicle for those who prefer a modern refined look for a vehicle of it’s size. Compared with competitors like the Dodge magnum, or Chevy Trailblazer it is more than competitive in nearly every category.

Trim post available for the 2010 Ford Escape include the basic XLS, XLT, and Limited editions. As confirmed before, each is offered in either front wheel drive or all wheel drive. Basic models come with the new drivers side mirror that supposedly improves the viewing ability in the “blind spot” area. XLS models have standard 16 inch wheels, full power accessories, remote keyless locks, and a modest audio system that has 4 speakers. Though the basic models don’t offer a lot in the form of modern amenities, they have just enough to make long trips more than bearable. XLT trim post come with fog lamps, electric powered seats, steering wheel accessory controls, satellite radio, discretionary leather seats. Other additional options for XLT models include a sunroof, 17 inch alloy wheels, and an expanded audio system.
Consumers looking for the ultimate driving encounter with a 2010 Ford Escape must consider the limited package. Standard interior options include full leather upholstery, exterior chrome accents, heated front seating, sync capabilities, and a six speaker audio system. Additional facial appearance at an extra cost include a rear mounted camera, further enhanced audio system, and an automatic park system. The overhaul completed a few years ago have made the interior quality much better than previous models. The touch and appearance of high end models is on par with many luxury cars.

Engines available include a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine capable of 171 horsepower, and a 3.0 liter V-6 that puts out 240 horsepower. Basic models come with the four cylinder engines as standard, even as high-end models come with the V-6. For optimal performance with all-wheel drive models the V-6 engine is vastly recommended. The smaller four cylinder engine comes with a five speed manual transmission or a 6 speed automatic, even as all V-6′s come with only a five speed automatic.

Fuel economy is very impressive for the 2.5 liter, with city fuel economy at 20 mpg and highway coming in at 28 mpg. In comparison with it’s competitors the 4 cylinder equipped escapes are very competitive. V-6 models with all wheel drive boast 17 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. Each model fairs quite well in the fuel utilization category.

Standard equipment such as stability hegemony, traction hegemony, front and side airbags, and antilock brakes make this a honestly safe mid-size SUV. For frontal and side impact crash tests the 2010 Ford Escape earned the highest rating. Most mid-size SUVs do honestly well in these tests, but for a perfect rating these cars surely beat many of the competitors.

The Escape is one of the best promotion SUVs in the country, and yet it subdue is offered at a more than evenhanded price. Basic models are fantastic for consumers on limited budgets who don’t need the extra comforts and frills, even as consumers who want the full encounter will be more than pleased with the limited edition post. Fantastic handling, reliability, and pricing make this an ideal SUV for all consumers to consider.

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